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Terms and Conditions of Use

We request you diligently read the Terms and Conditions of Use section at our internet website.

Terms of Use for Internet Website 

By visiting this website, you hereby accept the conditions specified in this document. The conditions for website use may be regularly amended; so that’s why, please control this webpage regularly because your continuing to use the website means you hereby agree the amended conditions.

We do our utmost in order to provide information in a timely and accurate manner. However, it must not be thougth that the information contained here is always updated or the website contains any kind of information.

Security Rules

This internet website is open to anybody. Services provided for the individual members are definitely free of any charge unless agreed otherwise. However, the use of the internet website can be prevented under the following conditions and we reserved the right to take legal action against the person or persons implicating in the following attempts:

- In case of the registration into the Website of the information including wrong, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and inappropriate statements to the public morality,
- In case of the registration of private or public announcements, promotional information and sales demands,
- In case of the deletion or amendment of the information announced by the third parties,
- In case of attempts to intervene other members’ information and content of the Website,
- In case of the partial or complete copying of the information contained at the Website or using in any way without any authorization, 
- In case of sharing the usernames, passwords and membership numbers with any third parties and institutions,
- In case of the use of software or attempts that may pose a threat to the overall security of the website and prevent the healthy functioning of the website and software used. 

Copyright and Trademark
Unless agreed otherwise, all the content of this internet website is protected in the broadest and unrestricted manner as copyright, trademark, patent and / or other intellectual and industrial property pertaining to other people.   

Personal Use
The use of the content of this website is for informational purposes only. By using this website, you hereby agree not to distribute, publish, transfer, change, display or create and/or use works based on the content of this website without the approval of the administrator of the internet website. 

You hereby agree to indemnify any kind of loss and damage incurred and/or to be incurred by the internet website due to your unauthorized use of the content of this internet website. 

In the event that the subscription account is used by the user for a purpose other than those determined/to be determined in a way to inflict damage on both the internet website and third parties and/or the commercial reputation of the internet website is tarnished due to the acts of the user, the administrator of the website are entitled to immediately cancel the subscription of the user or take any kind of legal action against the users.

You can subscribe into our Website by filling in the Subscription Form. It must be noted that the administration of the Website may not confirm the subscription and/or cancel one’s subscription for without any reason.

Notifications and Presentations
You hereby agree that you are solely responsible and continue to be responsible for the content of your presentations and you will not present any materials that are unlawful, defamatory, harassing or obscene. 

You hereby agree not to present this internet website any materials infringing on the rights of third persons including copyright, trademark, personal rights, privacy rights or other property rights.

You hereby agree that we do not have any obligation on our part to pay a royalty fee for the rights and licenses resulting from all the materials regarding their use, reproduction, modification, display, transfer, application, publication, translation, creation of works based on these and any distribution, transfer and demonstration tools or methods and distribution. In addition, you hereby warrant that you have waivered from the “moral rights”.     

Besides, you may not use any infringing information, software or other materials including those adapted from the materials protected and classified by the privacy rights or copyright or trademark or other proprietary rights without the prior consent of their owners, beneficiaries or institutions.   

The website administration is entitled to supervise, publish or not publish or remove the notifications and presentations without any reason.

Linked Sites
The website administration shall not be held responsible for the pages and content connected through the links at this website.