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Questions regarding the Return of Products 

1. How is the product return carried out?

Provided that the products are unused, you can return the products free of any charge within 30 days with all accessories intact and original invoice.

2. How is the return process carried out?

  • Fill in the form below the product invoice,



*reason for the return

* and other demanded information regarding the products you wish to return must be fully specified on the form.

You must definitely specify your IBAN if your payment type is the “Paying at the Door”. You can send your IBAN together with the order number to our customer services line or you can send an e-mail to us. The bank account information and the information regarding the person placing the order must conform to each other; otherwise, return payment is not carried out.  

If the return form is incomplete or not filled, the return shall be deemed invalid.

  • You can return the products through the Kurtiçi Kargo which is the cargo firm with which we have a contract. The customer service number of Yurtiçi Kargo is 339 205 712. Write this code on the cargo package and inform the cargo official. The shipping cost for the return cargos sent through a cargo firm other than the Yurtiçi Kargo shall be borne by the customer.  
  • Your return product shall first of all be examined by the Penti’s customer representatives and analyzed whether it is in compliance with the foregoing conditions. 
  • When the return is confirmed, the product fee is reimbursed into the credit card account within the legal period of 10 days. You shall be informed when the fee is reimbursed into your account. The reflection of the reimbursement may differ depending on your bank.  

 If you wish, the return and replacement of the products you buy at www.penti.com excluding the outlet products may be carried out by the nearest store.

3. How can I replace the products?

You may replace them at the nearest Penti store.

4. What products cannot be returned or replaced?

Due to hygiene considerations, returns or replacements are not possible for the panties, silicone bras and silicone products , corsets and thermal

***On official holidays, Yurtiçi Kargo does not work; therefore, delivery delays may be experienced. There shall be detailed information regarding such applications corresponding to these days.  

For all your questions

Customer services: 0850 333 0 768

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