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Our story began in 1950 as two separate companies which were then united under a single brand, Öğretmen Çorap, in 1970. This was followed by the launch of our production facility in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul and the final phase of our branding process came in 1984 when Öğretmen Çorap was replaced with Penti.

Over the years, we continued our growth in production and retail activities, expanding our offering of legwear targeting women and girls with men’s socks, homewear & activewear, intimates and beachwear lines.

We currently have a total of 300 stores across Turkey, 106 stores in 29 different countries and have exports to 43 countries. The number of stores is continuously growing and being complemented by sales offices located in the United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine and Spain. We offer Penti to people from numerous nationalities on a vast geography, notably in the EU, Balkans, CIS and MENA.

These achievements and the growth rate has attracted the attention of foreign investors, resulting in a partnership in 2012 with Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest venture capital, marking yet another milestone towards our goal of creating a global Turkish brand.

Our objective now is to further strengthen our leadership position in the legwear market and achieve the same leadership in intimates and beachwear retailing.

We are the second largest manufacturer in Europe as well as the manufacturer of world’s several well-known brands.



1950 Established as two separate companies: Bilka and Naylon Çorap

1970 United under “Öğretmen Çorap”

1971 First manufacturing investment made in Bayrampaşa, İstanbul

1984 Company renamed as “Penti” Introduced to the market 15 denier super thin tights “Penti Süper” for the first time

1986 Carried out the first export

1991 Revolutionized the market with “Fit 15” tights, marking the first successful use of Lycra in thin tights and leading the way in opaque tights with Micro 40

1994 New production facilities built in Çorlu according to the latest, state-of-the-art technology

1995 Manufactured the first functional tights that give a slimmer look to women

1999 Launched the first “Penti” store in Istanbul

2002 Started a new trend, reintroducing fishnet tights to the market