1. Parties and Subject of the Contract:

This subscription contract has been prepared by and between …………………………. (Penti) based at ……………………………………. and user of internet website (“Member”) for the use of the website and establishment of the terms and conditions relating to the subscription and determination of the conditions to make use of the subscription. After the member completes the registration at the website and confirms his/her e-mail, he/she can start to use the Website by entering his/her e-mail and passwords provided that he/she complies with the terms and conditions under this Contract. The member hereby agrees that from the moment he/she starts to use the services, he/she accepts all the terms of the Contract and these terms are binding for him/her. Penti reserves the right to change on its discretion the conditions specified under this Contract at any time as per the applicable legislation and Contract by obtaining approval of the Members via an e-mail.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties:

2.1 The Member hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that his/her personal information and other information he/she shares when joining website are legally accurate and he/she shall immediately indemnify all the damage to be incurred by Penti due to the inaccuracy of this information. The Member hereby agrees that the Contract may be unilaterally terminated by Penti without the need for any notice and warning if the Member provides inaccurate information.

2.2 The Member may not share the password provided by Penti to any persons and institutions and the exclusive right to use the password belongs to the Member. The e-mail address shared during the registration is exclusive for the Member and it may be used only for one subscription. With respect to all the liabilities arising out of this reason and all the claims and demands that may be put forward against Penti by third parties or authorities, Penti shall reserve all its compensation claims and other rights against all the unauthorized use.

2.3 The Member hereby agrees and undertakes to comply with the legal legislation and not to violate it while using internet website. Otherwise, the member shall be fully and exclusively responsible for any resulting legal and criminal liabilities.

2.4 Penti reserves the right to change the content of the website anytime, change or cancel any services provided to the users or store and delete users’ information and data registered at the Penti’s website.

2.5 Under no circumstances may the Member use internet website in a way that may disrupt public order and that is contrary to public morality in an annoying and abusive manner or for an unlawful purpose or that may infringe on others' intellectual and copyrights. In addition, the member may not engage in activities (spam, viruses, trojans, etc.) and transactions preventing other from using the services.

2.6 The Member hereby agrees and undertakes not to copy any content and works such as information, documents, software, design, graphics, text, audio, and video and etc. all rights of which belong to Penti and specified at These may not be used, acquired and changed by the member without any authorization.

2.7 Penti shall not be held responsible for the unauthorized breach of the members’ data and any damage to the member’s software and data. The member hereby agrees not to demand compensation from Penti due any damage he/she may incur by using internet website.

2.8 The member hereby agrees not to access to other members’ software and data or not to use them. Otherwise, the member shall be solely responsible for any resulting legal and criminal liabilities.

2.9 The member breaching one or more than one provisions of this subscription contract shall be legally and criminally responsible and he/she shall save Penti from civil and criminal consequences of these violations. In addition, in case where the breach is brought before a court of law, Penti reserves its rights to demand compensation from the member due to the failure to comply with the subscription contract.

2.10The member of internet website hereby agrees and declares to allow product and service presentations, advertising, promotions, benefits, surveys and other customer satisfaction applications by Penti or all the affiliate companies within the scope of the practices implemented and/or to be implemented. The member hereby agrees and declares that it shall allow the collection of his/her personal information and shopping information and/or consumer information he/she shares when subscribing into website and/or he/she shared in any other way in the past or he/she shall share in the future and their sharing with Penti and all its affiliate companies and use and archiving by Penti and all its affiliate companies. Unless declared otherwise by the Member, he/she hereby agrees and declares that his/her information may be collected even after the end of the subscription and used and archived by Penti and all its affiliate companies. Unless declared otherwise by the Member, he/she hereby agrees and declares that Penti and all its affiliate companies may contact with him/her via such communication channels as internet, phone, SMS messaging, etc. The member hereby agrees and declares no to have any claim due to any direct and / or indirect financial and / or non-pecuniary negative and / or positive loss and damage resulting from the collection, sharing, use and archiving of the aforementioned information and contact with him/her and he/she shall hold Penti and all its affiliate companies. If the member wishes to change his/her data sharing options, he/she may communicate this request to the call centers of Penti customer services.

2.11Penti is entitled to send promotional e-mails to the registered e-mail addresses of the members and SMS notifications to their mobile phones and by confirming this subscription contract, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to be sent promotional e-mails to their e-mail addresses of the members and SMS notifications to their mobile phones. If the member chooses not to have e-mail and/or SMSs, he/she may cancel the “e-mail and/or SMSs messages system”.

2.1212 Penti may use the personal information of the members for works toward the special choices and interests of the users in order to provide the users with better services and improve its products and services and facilitate the use of the website. Penti reserves the right to keep the member’s records at internet website.

2.13Penti has taken within existing facilities the measures required to protect the website against viruses and other similar malicious software. But, the user must have a virus protection system of his/her own and take the required measures to ensure ultimate security. Within this context, by using the Penti website, the use is deemed to have acknowledged that he/she shall be solely responsible for any errors that may occur in his/her software and operating system and the consequences directly or indirectly resulting from these errors.

2.14Penti is entitled to cancel any time the subscription of the member and delete the member’s files, documents and information. The member hereby agrees this entitlement. In such a case, Penti shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever.

2.15The sales at are limited to the stocks. may not carry out the delivery of the depleted products and cancel the order and return the price into the account of the customer. The display of the products at the virtual store does not mean that the same products are at the stock of or Penti stores. The right to change the product price and product specifications information shall exclusively rest with In case where the price and specifications of the products are inaccurate, may at its sole discretion deliver the product or cancel the order and return the price amount into the account of the customer.

2.16Penti may carry out amendments in the implementation of this contract and also change the existing articles or add new articles in order to cope with the future challenges and comply with the legislation. may require in time subscription for services that do not now require subscription and open additional services, change some services in part or in whole or charge for some services.

3. Settlement of Conflicts:

3.1The member hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that Penti’s book records, microfilms, microfiche or computer records shall constitute valid, binding, absolute and exclusive evidence in accordance with the Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Law and this article shall serve as the evidential contract. Penti hereby agrees, declares and undertakes to duly register any kinds of complaints to its records in accordance with the procedures.

3.2The conflicts to arise out of this contract shall be governed in accordance with the Turkish law.

3.3İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized to deal with any conflicts resulting from the implementation of this contract.

4. Enforcement and Termination of the Contract:

The subscription of the member means that the member has read all the articles in this contract and accepts all the provisions of the subscription contract. This subscription contract has been concluded at the time of the member’s subscription and has been mutually put into practice. This subscription contract shall continue to remain in force till the cancellation by the member of the subscription or cancellation by Penti of the subscription.

Confidentiality Agreement

Penti may demand your personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail, etc.) in order to provide its customers with better services.

This information collected in Penti’s servers is solely used by Penti in the periodical campaigns, the designing of the special promotional activities for customers’ profiles and “classification” of customers not to send unwanted e-mails.

Under no circumstance shall Penti share the information collected through the subscription forms with third parties and sell or use for any other commercial purposes without the knowledge or instruction of the member.

As well as the personal information collected through e-mails and subscription forms, Penti analyses and interprets the visitors’ acts and choices tracked during the website usage.

This statistical data which does not contain personal information may be shared with Penti’s business partners in an effort to create more special and effective shopping experience for the customers.

Customer’s information may only be shared with official authorities when they are demanded in accordance with the procedures and as required by the applicable legislation provisions. If you may wish to be any time out of the daily e-mail lists, you may easily leave the e-bulletin subscription by clicking on the “Please click here to leave the e-bulletin” link. Your credit card information demanded at the payment page is in no way kept at the servers of Penti or the companies providing services to it in order to maximize the security of you distinguished customers. In this way, all the transactions in relation to the payment are carried out over the Penti interface between your computer and the bank.

In addition, for the maximum security of your personal information and account, THAWTE SSL certificate 2048-bit encryption which provides global security is implemented. Your information is encrypted and thus, their being accessed by any third parties is prevented. Card information used at the payment transaction is never registered into our system.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use for the website


Penti is the registered trademark of Penti Giyim Ticaret Anonim Şirketi and website is the online store of Penti. The access to this Website ( and use of this Website and the products and services reached through this Website are subject to these terms and conditions. By using the services, you hereby agree that the Service Conditions may be changed by us any time. We highly recommend you regularly control this page in order to be informed of the changes carried out in relation to the Service Conditions. The access to this website is temporary and we reserve the right to recall or change the Services without prior notice. Penti shall not be held responsible for the failure to access the Website for any reason whatsoever no matter how long the failure takes. You may from time to time restrict the access to some or all parts of the website. Penti shall be entitled at its sole discretion to correct, remove or change the services of this Website and/or any pages without prior notice.


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Pricing and Availability

If we determine that there is a mistake in the price of a product you order, we shall inform you as soon as possible and let you choose to confirm the new order at the new price or cancel the order altogether. If we can’t reach you, we shall cancel the order. If you cancel the order and if you have paid the price of the product, we shall return the entire price of the product. If applicable, VAT is included in the prices.


When your order created with credit card and Bank (debit) card is received, the Price shall be directly reflected into credit card/debit card.

Confirmation via SMS is required in orders created with the “Paying at the door” option. You must enter the code to be sent to your mobile phone into the related area at the website. Confirmation via SMS is to ensure the right person receives the right order. The payment shall be made in cash to the cargo firm at the customer’s door.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be given to the account holders. The Gift Certificates shall be valid only for the shopping carried out over the defined accounts. The Gift Certificates shall be used for the shopping at this Website, subject to the terms and rules of the use. They shall not be valid at the Penti’s stores.

Discount / Promotional Codes

We from time to time provide Discount / Promotional Codes to be valid at any or specific shopping at this Website. The Discount / Promotional Codes shall be used for the shopping at this Website, subject to the terms and rules of the use. They shall not be valid at the Penti’s stores.


Our responsibility for the products you shall buy at our website shall be subject to the Sales Conditions. Due diligence has been shown in the preparation of the content of the website. If we detect a mistake in the content of the website, we shall try to correct the mistake as soon as possible. However, we will not be liable for any errors or omissions or technical problems you may encounter on our website. We shall not accept any responsibility to the extent permitted by law for any loss and damage (resulting from contract, negligence or any other reasons) incurred by you and any third person in connection with our website or any other linked websites. This shall not affect our responsibility for the products you buy at the website. These Terms of Use shall not affect your statutory rights.


If any parts of the Service Conditions become invalid (including those parts for which we do not accept any responsibilities against you), other parts of the Service Conditions shall not be affected and the remaining parts shall continue to remain in force. If it is possible to separate the remaining part of an article/clause, the article/clause shall be construed as such. You hereby agree that the article may be corrected and the article/clause may be accrued in a meaning as close as the original article/clause to the extent permitted by law.


If you violate these conditions or even if we do not take legal action in such a case, we shall be entitled to use our rights and legal remedies. The Governing Law and Jurisdiction shall be construed in accordance with these terms and conditions and laws of the Republic of Turkey and in case of conflicts in connection with these conditions, the conflicts shall exclusively be dealt with by the Turkish courts.

Password and account security

You need to enter your account and password information (login information) in order to be able to access to your data registered in our website. You shall be responsible for the security of confidentiality of other transactions carried out within the scope of your login information and account. If you have any suspicions regarding the login information or if you believe that they are misused, you must immediately contact the customer services and inform us. You may deactivate your account any time.

Viruses, hacking and other offenses

You must not deliberately misuse our website by infecting your computer with viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, keystroke recorder, spy software, computer software including advertising and technologically harmful material. You must not attempt to connect through unauthorized access to the website, the server of the website or another server connected to the website or computer and database. You must not attack the site through denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack. In case of the breach of the relevant laws, we shall cooperate with the law enforcement by disclosing your ID. In case of such a breach, your right to use the website shall immediately be cancelled.


We as always strive to satisfy our customers. But if you are not satisfied with any of the service by our website and wish to make a complaint, you may reach our customer services at 0850 333 0 768.